Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010


Betty brown was five years old, and her mother wanted her to begin going to school, because she wanted to star working in an office again.
A month before the beginning of the school year Mrs. Brown began telling about. ‘It’s very nice,’ she said. ‘You’ll play games and paint picture and sing songs.’
Mrs. Brown began doing these things with Betty. Betty liked the games and the painting and the singing very much, but she always wanted to be near her mother, so Mrs. Brown war rather afraid and thought, ‘what will she do when I leave her at school?’
But on the first day at school Betty was very good. She did not cry, and she was happy.
On the second morning Mrs. Brown said. ‘Put your clothes on, Betty. I’m going to take you school in half an hour’s time.’
‘School?’. Betty said. ‘But I’ve been to school!’

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