Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010


One Morning, Mrs. Murphy took her three years old son, peter, for a walk in Green Park. These she saw some people playing with radio controlled boats. Her son, in the meantime saw some ducks geese away from his mother.
After sometime, Mrs. Murphy decided to return home. She looked for peter all around the lake. There was no sign of Peter. She rang Mr. Murphy in his office and he rushed to the park. He decided to call the police and they searched all around the lake. They were looking for footprints near the water. The policeman thought that he might have fallen into the water.
Late in the afternoon, a passer-by, noticed a boy lying under a bush fast asleep. He told the policeman what he had seen. The policeman found the boy and carried him to his parent. Peter was hungry and thirsty and he was frightened. But Mr. and Mrs. Murphy were so delighted to find their son.
They thanked the policemen and he passer-by who spotted Peter. It was a happy family that returned home.

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